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Innovate your projects communication

Realtime Rendering: Apps, not images

Classic offline rendering can generate one photorealistic image after hours of computation. On the opposite, real-time rendering generates 60 images per seconds, creating a brand new type of communication.
So the output you obtain is not an image but an actual app, reacting to the visitors' imputs.

IDEAL HARDWARE: smartphone, tablet, PC with touchscreen or joystick.
PERFECT FOR: communicating dynamics enviroments when a big screen or an iPad is available.

Interactive Virtual Reality

VR lets you build customizable and dynamic immersive environments.
We delivered more than one million sq.m. of 3D enviroments and now we decided to provide you with all the tools developed, releasing them as software.
But if you are in a hurry or if you have no experience with 3D modeling, our production service is there for you.

IDEAL HARDWARE: Standalone 6 Degree-of-Freedom VR Headset or PC with standard VR Headset.
PERFECT FOR: communicating new buildings or renovations, mostly if you create a dedicated VR space in your office or exhibition stand.

Augmented Reality

Unlike VR, using AR you can visualize and analyze projects or products without hiding the sorrounding environment.
An olographic architectural model: thanks to AR, your project will be virtually reproduced on any surface, just using your tablet or smartphone.

IDEAL HARDWARE: smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS)
PERFECT FOR: contextualizing a product into the surrounding environment or experiencing a building like as if It were an architectural model

Interactive applications, not images.

Boost customer engagement through interaction. New immersive technologies to upgrade your project.

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