Walk inside your design

Virtual Reality services for AEC and Real Estate.
Your designs from Autocad, Revit and SketchUp to Virtual Reality.

9 clients out of 10

prefer to explore the design themselves with a virtual reality headset rather than watch it from a PC or tablet screen.

2x quicker decisions

minimize the decision taking time when communicating the design inside the team, as well as when your client needs to take a decision.

Save from 8% to 14% of your costs

avoiding possible design errors and last minute changes made by your client

Immerse yourself in your design

Put on your virtual reality headset and visit your project as if it was already built.
Allow your client to explore your design in scale 1:1

Possibility of adding interactions

Interact with the virtual space around you. For example: open and close doors and windows, personalize the furniture and floors. Allow your client to explore your design in his/her own way and get excited about it.

How does it work?

1. Send your blueprints: 2D files (for example floor plans from Autocad) or 3D files (Revit or Sketchup).
2. Follow our process of developing your scene and feel free to give us feedback and indications. Delivery of the scenes in 15 weekdays.
3. Once we finish the job, download the AmbiensVR app from the Oculus Store and unlock your scene with the code we sent you.


Where you can find us

  • Italia

  • Via Marsala 29H
    00185 Rome (RM)

  • España

  • Calle Salamanca 30-1º puerta 4
    46005 Valencia


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