Walk inside your design

Show your design concept in a true-to-scale environment.

With AmbiensVR and a Virtual Reality headset:
Visit your design as if it would be already built.
Communicate with your client in a new way thanks to the visualization in scale 1:1 . Break down with 2D drawings that leave room for misunderstandings.

Benefits for

Architects and builders

Ideal for: Renovation designers and new construction designers.

Win more projects thanks to a highly engaging VR presentation.
Virtual reality allows clients to deeply understand the design which leads to faster decisions and greater customer satisfaction.

Real Estate

Ideal for: The sales office of new homes.

Surprise potential buyers allowing them to do a virtual open-house visit, before anything has been built.
Buyers understand the true sense of depth and space and can imagine how it would be to live there.
Buyers can personalize the house and choose between different floors and wall colors.

Perchè AmbiensVR?

Send over your design in 2D (Cad) or your 3D file (like Sketchup and Revit). AmbiensVR  will take your design and create an immersive virtual reality experience developed in Unity programming language. Possibility of adding interactions to the scene:
- Choose between different floor, wall and furniture options.
- Open and close doors, windows and other elements.
- Other interactions available- for more info scroll down to FAQs

Scenes are displayable in 4 types of devices:
Virtual Reality headsets (Oculus Quest recommended), Windows, MAC, Android and iOS.

3 displayable modes:
VR - Virtual Reality
AR - Augmented Reality
360° - 360 degrees
Create your virtual portfolio. All your projects in one single app that is public, free and shareable.

Possibility of personalizing your own app.

Price List

Architectonic real-time scene
Starting from 9€/sqm
4 compatible platforms:

Oculus Quest

PC & Mac



First platform included
Following platforms: +2€/sqm per platform
Installation and onboarding
Phone tecnical support M-F 9h-18h
Scene 1 year online

Scene renewal (second year and sucesive years)
100€/scene per platform
App branding
1.000€/platform per year
Top quality scene with tailored furniture (only available for Windows)


- What files do I need to send in order to get a virtual reality experience out of them?

You need to send finished 3D models from Sketchup, Revit etc. (fbx, skp. 3ds, dwg, obj format) or 2D files from Autocad etc. (dwg o pdf format).

- How much time do you need to do my architectural virtual reality experience?

Depends on the size of your design. Typically, a 250 sqm design takes 3 weeks to develop once you send all your files.

- What virtual reality headset do you recommend?

We recommend the Oculus Quest headset that is very cost-effective
Thanks to our Ambiens XR Viewer it's possible to view the VR scene in all platforms.

- How do I send the project to my client?

Your client will need to download Ambiens XR Viewer free app and unlock his/her scene with a link we provide.

- Can I add to my scene different types of furniture in the same room?

It's possible to change some details (for example choose between two models of sofa) but it's not possible to choose all the furniture.

- What furniture do you have in your catalog? Is it possible to choose one by one?

Our catalog has thousands of 3D furniture models. Please tell us what style is needed for your project (modern, classic, nordic...) and we will do a virtual home staging of the property.  Generic furniture chosen by us following the style you mentioned is included in the 9 €/sqm rate. In case you want to choose the furniture one by one yourself you will need to send us the specific 3D models and the rate is 25€ /sqm.

- Can I personalize the interactions?

Yes, you can choose to add the following interactions:
- Changes of materials
- Replacement of objects (max 1 per scene)
- Door opening and closing
- Dynamic objects
- Informative panels
For other interactions, please get in touch with us.

- What's the difference between the scene of 9€/sqm and the one of 25€/sqm?

The 25 €/sqm service allows you to choose the 3D models of a specific furniture brand. Besides, this rate also includes the use of PBR (physical based rendering) materials. 


Where you can find us

  • Italia

  • Via Marsala 29H
    00185 Rome (RM)

  • España

  • Calle Salamanca 30-1º puerta 4
    46005 Valencia


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