archviz in unity


The future of the AEC industry is real-time.
We have created a plugin suite that allows you to save time and money.
Synchronize your BIM models from Revit to Unity, add photorealistic materials and create interactive presentations compatible with all Virtual Reality Headsets on the market. And this is only the beginning.


Revit Unity

AT+Sync lets you synchronize Revit projects into Unity scenes. Connect your usual Revit workflow with Unity and sync any change you make on your file in real-time. Move objects, edit families, delete or add walls and windows in Revit: all the changes will be updated in Unity just pushing one single button.



Our interaction pipeline gives you the opportunity to create an interactive experience of your 3d models without coding.

What can I do with AT+Explore?

  • Material Switching: offer multiple furnishing options with ArchToolkit easy real-time material customization.
  • Doors, windows and drawers opening: create an interactive experience of your 3d model. Click on the mesh you need to animate to generate an interactive door, window or drawer.
  • One click animated camera: just click on the camera to select fly mode or walk mode. Touch support will be automatically activated when targeting a mobile platform.
  • VR support: direct support to VR headsets can be activated in one click. Every interaction available in Virtual Reality!



AT+Materials lets you download 1000 PBR maps on demand, right inside the Unity Editor. Resolution between 2K and 8K.
How does it work?
You will not need to download an entire material library as a standalone package any longer: AT+M allows you to choose very quickly what to download, selecting the resolution you prefer. Your projects will contain only the assets you really need!