(English) Selling your House? Read 5 Staging tips for the Home Library


Home staging is an art. Ask most people which room is the perfect in the house. They will answer the Home Library!

Nothing show cases a homeowner’s unique personality like a Home Library. This room is often sublime and comfortable, rich-textured and filled with possibilities.

Of course, dreaming about having your own Home Library and actually building one are two different things. Luckily, Ambiens VR has exclusively 5 tips that will help you get started on the library you have always dreamed of.

Rethink what you have

It costs nothing to reassess what your room already looks like. Why not move a few pieces around? For instance, you want to avoid putting your library in your basement or attic, as these areas can be prone to high humidity levels and this type of environment will eventually warp and damage your beloved tomes. If you have a sun-drenched room that you think would make the perfect library, then you can still use it.

Book in style

Find inspiration before you can start building your library; you need to know how many books you have and how you want to display them. However, if you are personal collection is smaller, then you might want to use open shelving for a modern look.

Home Library
Book your style

Add colour to your Library!

What do you see when you think of a Home Library? Is it a room filled with darker, richer tones like browns, greens, or is it light, bright, and airy? What you envision is what you should strive for. As long as you are happy in your space and you are able to relax, then you have picked the perfect color scheme for your Home Library.

Create Artwork

No matter how is your space, allow one large piece of artwork to shine. Consider investing in wall décor because it is a great way of transforming your Home Library in one quick, easy and friendly room!

Home Library
Create Artwork

How to use Mirrors for more Light?

Mirrors (it is not the Justin Timberlake’s song) can be a perfect alternative for your Home Library. Use them to add light and shimmer to your walls and match different styles to bring elegance and personality to even the smallest of spaces.

Home Library
Mirrors for more Light

The room serves as the perfect representation of who you really are. So put yourself into it and you will love it no matter what.