(English) Gift guide: 7 architect books for a (VR) Christmas!


Inspired projects: architect books in search of the muse

Are you looking for the best architect books this Christmas? We might have found the perfect ideas for your warmest business moments, able to create the magical virtual project!

Ambiens VR staff have put their heads together and come up with a definitive list of 7 books no architect (or designer) should be without.

VR Book – Human Centered Design for Virtual Reality

By Jason Jerald

It is probably one of the most comprehensive sources to understand the past and the potential of virtual reality in architecture & design for your next project. This book provides the main principals of creating the best VR experiences rather than just a technical implementation.

Learning Virtual Reality

By Tony Parisi

It is a great hands-on guide for basics of virtual reality for the next Christmas. This book helps all of you to get a better understanding of UI design, 3D graphics and Unity 3D and making a great job!

The Art of Game Design: a book of lences

By Jesse Schell

It presents 100+ sets of lenses, for viewing a game’s design, encompassing diverse fields such as architecture, visual design, software engineering, theme park design, puzzle design and more.

Designing Virtual Worlds

By Richard A. Batle

Is an innovative treatment of virtual world design to-date? Yes it is. It is a tour de force of VW design, stunning in intellectual scope, spanning the literary, economic, sociological, psychological, physical, technological, and ethical underpinnings of design, while providing the reader with a deep, well-grounded understanding of VW design principles.

architect books
architect books

Understanding virtual design studios

By Mary L Maher

It helps readers to build their own VR project. It provides step-by-step instructions for creating virtual reality architecture and design!

A Place of My own

By Michael Pollan

Invoking the titans of architecture, literature, and philosophy, from Vitruvius to Thoreau, from the Chinese masters of feng shui to the revolutionary Frank Lloyd Wright, Pollan brilliantly chronicles a realm of blueprints, joints, and trusses as he peers into the ephemeral nature of “houseness” itself.

Welcome to Your World: How the Built Environment Shapes Our Lives

By Sarah Williams Goldhagen

One of the nation’s chief architecture critics reveals how the virtual reality builds profoundly shape their feelings, memories, and wellbeing, and argues that they must harness this knowledge to construct a world better suited to human experience.

architect books
architect books

Do you know other VR/Virtual Reality architect books to recommend? Leave a comment and click the link below to share with Ambiens VR your next project!

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