(English) ArchToolkit: here is the “One click camera” feature

[:en]The first feature that distinguishes ArchtoolKit is at the basis of the typical experience of Real Time Rendering and that marks the difference compared to the classic static rendering.

If in the classic two-dimensional image we have a unique point of view, in real time rendering it is the viewer who chooses his or her point of view by freely moving around the environment.

This obviously involves various difficulties in offering the appropriate visual experience depending on your needs. More specifically, each type of display and each type of platform needs a dedicated movement and interaction system. A VR joystick offers a totally different kind of experience from the one that can offer a mouse and keyboard or a smartphone with a touch screen.

ArchtoolKit allows you to choose between various types of control so you can offer the best possible experience regardless of the platform you choose to use. It does not matter whether it is Desktop, VR or mobile. With just one click, ArchtoolKit allows you to have the movement system that we prefer to freely explore our project[:]