(English) Press release – ArchToolkit: the future of architecture is already here

[:en]Virtual reality increasingly undisputed protagonist in the daily lives of designers and architects.

Rome – Milan, March 2019

The trend has long been traced: architecture, as we understand it, no longer exists. The technology has become overwhelmingly popular, in particular the “Virtual Reality”.

Communicating spaces, surfaces and details through a 2D drawing or a “simple” rendering does not always produce results.

Through VR, architects, projects and designers are accompanied in the communication phase of their work to the customer, one of the most delicate phases for those who do this job.
Through sensory immersion, proportions and dimensions are captured in a realistic way, obtaining what is not possible through a design, which always implies perspective distortions.

Virtual Reality in architecture also allows you to avoid many errors during the design phase, optimizing time and costs.

In Italy there is a startup that has specialized in this area: we are talking about AmbiensVR (https://www.ambiensvr.com), leader in the development of enterprise solutions for Virtual Reality.

To better support the architects AmbiensVR has just launched ArchToolkit (https://www.archtoolkit.com) , a plugin for the well-known Unity graphics engine that gives the possibility to create interactive architectural projects without the need for programming or visual scritp skills.

It is a true Copernican revolution for the world of architecture: animations and interactions can be added with a few clicks, as well as the effects of post-processing and the creation of sophisticated videos through virtual directing tools.

Possibility is the most important word in the ArchToolkit dictionary. Possibility and freedom. No longer a scene but an application. And like any application you always start from an imported model but there is no border that you can not cross. There is no limit to the graphic quality you want to achieve, to the uses that you can make of it, to the way you want to use it.

The goal is always the same: to offer a powerful, versatile, effective tool, and to make the Unity world discover for the first time as much as possible at ease, looking for a new frontier to explore for their work. This is why ArchtoolKit begins its journey today that will lead it, patch after patch, to be enriched with automations and features to make this passage increasingly painless and gradual.

“Our goal – said Veronica Vecci and Ennio Pirolo, founders of AmbiensVR – has always been to put the designer at the center of everything: with ArchToolkit we wanted to split the possibility of achieving the desired graphic quality from the possibility of sharing the project. This is just the beginning of a project that will bring AmbiensVR to a modular type of organization within which each modeler can build his own ideal software suite, choosing the modules most related to his workflow”.